Ross & Van Compernolle

Ross & Van Compernolle is an ASEAN dedicated investment manager. We are based in ASEAN and invested in ASEAN. We aim to generate superior absolute returns by seeking under-researched and under-valued small to mid-sized companies and investing for the medium to long term.

We are focused

Many investment managers invest across a myriad of product classes (such as equities, debt, foreign exchange, derivatives) across multiple geographies and on a public and non-public market basis. We do not.

We only invest in listed equities

We only invest in the ASEAN region

We focus on small and mid-cap companies

We only have one fund

We are independent

Many investment managers are part of large financial services conglomerates which serve a variety of different customers. This can lead to conflicts of interest and investments decisions that may not be in the best interests of clients.

We are independently owned

We invest alongside our clients

Our approach is simple

Our goal is simple. To create long-term capital appreciation for our clients. We only invest in what we understand.

Long only


Long-term focused