Our mission is to deliver
superior investment returns
through sustainable investment in the ASEAN region

Riding the Waves

30 November 2023
Riding the Waves
Fund Fact Sheet

Fund Fact Sheet

31 October 2023

3Q 2023 Commentary

19 October 2023
Over the past three years, the RVC Emerging Asia Fund returned +30.8%, versus the MSCI ASEAN which returned +1.6%.
3Q 2023 Commentary

Fund Fact Sheets

RVC Emerging Asia Fund Factsheet

Ross & Van Compernolle

Ross & Van Compernolle is an independent investment manager. We specialise in a sustainable approach to investing in listed small to mid-sized capitalisation companies within the ASEAN region. We seek long term capital appreciation on behalf of our investors. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for our investors and for our client relationships to span generations.

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The ASEAN Market
largest labour force in the world after China and India
a combined population of
> 600 mn
A Doubling in consumer household