Ross & Van Compernolle employs a disciplined approach to portfolio construction. Stocks are selected using a ‘bottom-up’ approach, but risk is considered from a ‘top-down’ perspective, all the way down to individual positions held.

Portfolio Construction

Identify and shortlist investable ideas
  • Top-down analysis:

    Use comprehensive top-down database screening by grading companies according to their historic and future financial health, profit health and growth health

  • Macro-trends spotters:

    Forecast 3-year macro trends such as public infrastructure spending, SOE reforms & privatisation and private investment

  • Referrals:

    Leverage the Team’s connections within ASEAN’s business and finance industry

Evaluate Individual
stock attractiveness
  • In-depth bottom-up analysis:

    Analyse target industry trends and dynamics including industry structure, entry barriers, competitive conduct, etc.

  • Analyse long term growth potential of the company and key value drivers

  • Company visits & interviews:

    Identify and interview industry experts, key customers and suppliers

  • Extensive company visits and regular meetings with top management & directors

Risk/Return portfolio
  • Analyse selected stocks performance over 230 trading days

  • Construct a portfolio based on set constraints to provide an optimal risk/return